Meet Nychelle: A well-known tattoo artist who’s new to the music scene, but certainly not shy! Her recently dropped debut album, Rare Form is a compilation of songs dedicated to a version of herself she has yet to showcase to the world. Nychelle’s message to the world is to “believe in yourself no matter what.” Rare Form is a project to encourage us to allow ourselves to be seen in our “rare form” and to never let the criticism of anyone stop us from growing into who we want to become. 

Nychelle’s favorite songs from this project are Bluetooth & Nasty Chick. She says, “they’re polar opposites that show different sides of me.” Bluetooth speaks on how Nychelle cares for the people in her life, but her ambition has her in and out of the lives of the ones she loves. “I’m always so busy and on the go,” she shares, “I wanted to put emphasis on how I want to be around, but I just can’t stay.” Nasty Chick embodies the side of Nychelle that knows how to “pop her shit”. The lyric “don’t ask what I’m on today, I just made a n***a spend his mortgage on some lingerie,” speaks volumes in itself. Nasty Chick is bold, it’s catchy and it tells us Nychelle isn’t to be played with, period! To learn more about who Nychelle is, tap into her youtube content of interviews, and freestyles that are out now.

Listen to Rare Form here!

 and check out Nychelle’s Rare Form visuals below! Over 30,000 people would agree (: 

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