Devon Cole’s “Call U After Rehab”

The self-love anthem leaves behind bad habits and embraces the act of leaving close comforts to create an environment to heal. Devon Coles’ “Call U After Rehab” illustrates her softer side with a pop catchy chorus and a universal social truth – self-love. Cole has taken the world by storm since signing with Arista Records in 2022, with millions of streams and multiple nominations including Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Award nomination for ‘Favorite Breakout Artist’. Cole’s “Call U After Rehab” is a healing pop anthem with illustrious lyrics encouraging the journey of self-discovery in a powerful empowering bright song. “Call U After Rehab” is like Cole herself says “a spoonful of sugar for my heart”, a rhythmic choice to put yourself first. 

Listen to Call U After Rehab here!

Written by // Martha Gonzalez

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