mayaonmarz new release: Pain & Glory

Dallas native, Mayaonmarz, recently released her single “Pain & Glory”, a song purposed for those in our society who live to bask in success, without acknowledgment of what it takes to get there.

It’s a common misconception that there is more beauty in being at the top than in the transparency of the hardships it takes to make our dreams a reality. Maya says, “we, as people, tend to love showing off our accomplishments, but forget to mention what all was actually endured to even get there.” the inspiration behind this song came from her experience that nothing about success comes easily. Life is constantly happening, and we all have to work through tribulations on our journey to fulfill what we believe we’re purposed to do in this lifetime. She goes on to say, “success isn’t easy and it doesn’t come overnight… committing to doing music/being in the music industry taught me that.” 

When it comes to the lyrical breakdown, there’s one line that speaks loudly to Mayaonmarz. When she sings, “I just don’t wanna make the same mistakes that my OG made, but it paved the way. crazy how the black sheep save the day,” she’s referencing her childhood. “I’m a bit of a wild child & I come from a pretty rough background,” Maya shares, “so a lot of people (including family members) thought I was destined to be doomed.” Even so, Maya doesn’t accept this as her fate. She strongly believes that rewriting her destiny is her free will. 

Listen to Pain & Glory here.

To get more insight into Mayaonmarz’ vision, check out Pain & Glory visuals below! 


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