Have you ever found a band that every song they release is a bop? Well, if you haven’t let us introduce you to The Polarity. Sometimes we feel like these guys have a found some sort of secret ingredient, some secret sauce that they know will just lead to something that people can’t stop listening to. The Polarity always has us reflecting on our feelings and wanting to dance at the same time. It’s a weird combo but it works. They just released a music video for “MUNNY HUNNY,” a song from their most recent EP “CRYING AT THE DISCO.” The lyrics make the point that they don’t have “any munny hunny,” but if they did, they would buy their girl all the things she deserves. Aw, how sweet. We know they mean it. You can watch “MUNNY HUNNY” below and you can listen to the full “CRYING AT THE DISCO,” EP here.

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