YOUR ANGEL’s NEW RELEASE: “A Star in The Headlights”

YOUR ANGEL does it again – giving us the melodic pop album of the summer. With strong instrumentals, captivating harmonies, and expressive lyrics YOUR ANGEL’s “A Star in the Headlights” is a must-listen. An album so expressive in its writing that it highlights the vulnerability in expressive connections. We sat down with YOUR ANGEL to discuss the album that is disguised as a dreamy, enchanting, sweet melodic collection of sound, “A Star in the Headlights” is a mirror reflecting onto the relationships in life – the good, the bad, the ugly. 

The Honey: What is the story/message of your new album, A Star in the Headlights? What was the inspiration?

YOUR ANGEL: “The overarching message of this album is that we are not unique in our ugliest and most embarrassing emotions, and that it’s also okay to feel those emotions! This album is almost disguised as a record about a relationship, but it is more so about how a relationship can often act as a mirror and force you to face yourself and your trauma”.

The Honey: What is your favorite lyric of any song on the album? Break down the lyric for us/explain the meaning!

YOUR ANGEL: “It’s hard to choose but today it’s “tearing down the visions that you seek, I slip away into another dream,” which is from my song “Sleep Talk.” This lyric is about being with someone who has their sights set somewhere else but not being able to let go of the hope that they will someday choose you”.

The Honey: Anything else you want to share about your new release?

YOUR ANGEL: “I have been sitting on this album for over 2 years so I am so happy that it is finally out in the world! I also worked really hard on a lot of music videos for this record, so go check those out too”! 

Check out YOUR ANGEL’s new album “A Star in the Headlights”.

Written by // Martha Gonzalez 

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