Episode one, the debut video of “Take a break with JAKEGATEWOOD,” is exactly what we needed to say goodbye to the chaos of 2020, otherwise known as “the craziest year of our lives.” Inspired by quarantine and 2020 as a whole, JAKEGATEWOOD shares his way of taking a breather and focusing on what soothes and inspires him. Each episode is to take place in an environment that otherwise wouldn’t be a hub of musical inspiration or performance. For example, a restaurant kitchen in Austin, Texas where episode one has been revealed. With this series, JAKEGATEWOOD is taking a bold dive into a new genre, brand, look and style with a simple message to breathe and slow down. (While listening to the perfect mix of chill jams a la JAKEGATEWOOD style). We’re loving this new direction as 2021 for us will be about honing in and focusing on healthy mindful growth with innovative direction. It’s truly admirable and inspiring to see an artist, better yet a local artist, share a thoughtful yet unexpected way to unwind and connect with ones passion. We also couldn’t help but a notice a few familiar voices including Dallas artists Devy Stonez and Shraban. If there’s anything we love, it’s a wholesome collaborative community. We’re curious what’s to come and fingers crossed we get a special episode right here in good ol’ Dallas, Texas.