Club90sLA: One Direction Night in Dallas

Nothing screams excitement like a room full of One Direction fangirls. Depending on who you might ask, One Direction is either on a hiatus or certainly broken up; but that does not mean we can’t have a little fun when revisiting their music!

Club90sLA, a DJ service that hosts dance nights to your favorite artists like Olivia Rodrigo, Tame Impala, and more, came to The House of Blues in Dallas to host a One Direction Night! This was an exciting night to say the least, for many One Direction fans, the last time we’d all danced to these songs was at a real One Direction concert 6 years ago. It was great to feel as if we were at a One Direction concert again, just a little bit older than the last time we went. When I say a lot of fans showed up, I mean a lot.. The line to get in wrapped around Lamar street! Everyone was wearing their favorite One Direction merch, whether that was a t-shirt from an old One Direction concert or a shirt from a small brand on Etsy that continues the One Direction legacy by creating and selling cute merch apparel. The night was danced away as the DJ played our favorite songs while simultaneously syncing the music to our favorite One Direction video moments. Just when we thought we couldn’t miss Zayn anymore, the DJ switched things up and played solo songs from Zayn, Harry, and Niall’s solo albums. And when we thought that it couldn’t get any better, the DJ queued up some Olivia Rodrigo. The crowd went crazy. Everyone and their uncle was screaming Good 4 U at the top of their lungs. The House of Blues was a powerhouse for the unity and community of the One Direction fans on Saturday night, the love was electric, it is something truly worth experiencing again.