Money by Alex O’aiza: SOUNDCHECK


Alex O’aiza is a Dallas based artist that dabbles in a range of genres including alternative rock, r&b and pop. With his newest release “Out of My Mind,” he told us he had the chance to record with Forever the Sickest Kids and learn a couple things that helped him grow as an artist. One of which, he included was not taking himself too seriously but also really focusing on the work while in the studio.


We recorded our SOUNDCHECK session last summer with O’aiza featuring his biggest hit “Money.” O’aiza told us that, “Money” is a song about self awareness. “A self awareness where you realize some people just pretend to be good for you and promise to be there for you… but in reality they have their own self-serving agenda that benefits them at your disposal.”


He added the lyric, “You don’t want to hear my story, I’m better off up on a dusty shelf,” highlights the idea that, “we all want to be understood and appreciated and some people just take advantage of that. So, it’s just better at times to isolate yourself from all the B.S. and focus on yourself.”

Sometimes we need that reminder that honing in on yourself is a necessity. Check out our SOUNDCHECK session with Alex O’aiza below: