We went live with upcoming Dallas R&B artist KAYWHT and talked about everything from the inspiration behind her newest release “Pity,” to the journey leading up to her inevitable rising career in music.

We’re sharing a few Q&A’s from our interview or you can watch the full thing on our IGTV here.


THE HONEY: Is it important for you to empower women with your music?

KAYWHT: “Men matter too but as women, we need a different kind of tender love or tender care because we’re natural born care takers and nurturers. We’re willing to be there for people we love but it’s a job, it’s a lot. We have people who don’t appreciate or see the hard work that goes behind the mental and emotional part. I want to be someone who makes music that soothes a woman, to make sure she’s good, not to have her overdo it… we’re gonna always try to take care of everyone and everything but sometimes you just gotta take time to love yourself and get yourself right first before you can do any of that.”


THE HONEY: We noticed your entire music video “Pity” was recorded in Dallas…. Is it important to you to reflect DFW?

KAYWHT: “Definitely. It’s important because not only did it help me become the woman I am today but it molded me. Memphis made me but Dallas helped that come to life if that makes sense. It’s very important to show love. I didn’t even expect to get the love I have now because Dallas is its own world; They’re very picky about who they accept, I noticed. So, for me, I earned my keeps here. I met so many people; I discovered each group of people and they were able to give me different sides of the city that I haven’t seen. I think it’s very important to show some ways to reflect on the trip to be as they would say.”


THE HONEY: We asked what people wanted to know about you and your manager asked, “What’s your biggest accomplishment?”

KAYWHT: “My biggest accomplishment was gaining confidence. I have been so shy, I’ve been timid, resisting myself, I’m picky, I’m sensitive about my art… It’s so crazy that she asked because she brings out the side that I thought I didn’t have. So, I would say that’s the biggest accomplishment for me.. I leveled up on my confidence.”


THE HONEY: Wow, that’s crazy to hear because of course we all perceive people differently, especially when we have never met them… but what we would perceive of you is someone who has natural confidence; and you are so yourself. That’s really cool to hear that’s a biggest accomplishment for you.

KAYWHT: “Yeah, it’s really hard. I am out-there, I do have a big personality but a lot of people don’t accept it. A lot of people will look at you, laugh at you; they would say crazy things about it and have crazy views about you. I use to be like ‘what’s wrong with me,’ but now I’m like ‘ain’t nothin wrong with me’… I’m good, I’m extra, I’m dramatic, I’m this and I’m that and I’m a lot… but I tend to control it a lot more now. I was able to control it and use it to what can benefit me in life than to use it in the wrong places.”


THE HONEY: What was your inspiration for the song “Pity”?

KAYWHT: “My inspiration behind it was quite a rocky story, I’m not going to lie to you…  It was kind of rocky but it came out very well because I was actually with somebody at the time. He’s kind of one of those people kind of like… because he was an artist too… he tried to kind of control, which I understand because he’s been in the music business for a minute. He asked what do you want to write about? I was like ‘I don’t know…. I don’t know what I want to write about,’ and he came up with the idea. He started with the Cinderella part and said the melody and after that I wrote the whole song. I wanted to kind of make it a song where you’re tired of somebody not being on their business or not being on top of things with whatever they’re doing.”


THE HONEY: Was it inspired by a relationship you were in?

KAYWHT: “It’s so funny because I wasn’t specifically talking about a relationship but it happened to be how it was when it wasn’t even about anyone. He helped me come up with the idea but it just so happened to be how it was.”


THE HONEY: Did you pursue being in the scene/music industry in Dallas or did it just happen?

KAYWHT: “It kind of just happened because honestly the singing thing for me was strictly a hobby. I didn’t want anyone to know it like that because I was so shy about it but the series of things that happened in my life… it was destined for me to make it into a career. I started getting into it in 2012. My close friend who’s like a brother to me put me in my first studio session. We did our song that he put me on, it’s one of his songs; he helped me write my verse, it was a little rap verse it was so cute. But, you know when it’s someones first time in the studio they don’t really know what to do but when I was there I did it like I’ve been doing it for years and I said ‘oh…. I have to do this.’ It was fun for me. I kept it to myself, whoever knew, knew. Eventually, they began to grasp that I could sing and I started posting covers here and there because I had just started going to the studio and I didn’t know how to write yet; so, I started writing then. People started to discover ‘damn she can sing.’ I got discovered off of facebook with 4.2 million views; I didn’t post it… like I said I don’t care about that… it hit meme pages and then they came to my page and everyone was like ‘oh you’re that girl that can sing like Beyonce.’ I was out here and I was having a good time so once I did that I really learned the dynamic of Dallas…. I know what to say, I know how to vibe. Now, I think I am still in the midst of learning the dynamic of the music scene but I am a part of it now and I try to be.”


Watch our full interview with KAYWHT here!