We first met JordanxBell a couple years ago when he was performing at a show in Dallas in the beloved Curtain Club that since has closed it’s doors for good. As one of our favorite and possibly last shows attended at CC, we have enjoyed following along on JordanxBell’s music journey back home in Atlanta. The visual for “Hide Yo Watch,” is so fun and aesthetically appealing we wanted it to be longer than a minute and four seconds. Instead, we just keep rewatching it in anticipation for everything that is to come from this ATL star. In other news, if anyone is going to drive a slingshot around town we are going to request they rock it with some space buns a la JordanxBell because that’s just the vibe. We’re calling it now, he’s changing the rap game for good; keep your eyes on him! You can watch “Hide Yo Watch,” by JordanxBell below.