Claire Maisto’s Tongue in Cheek Revenge Anthem ‘John Tucker’

Nashville’s latest Pop / R&B artist Claire Maisto released her new catchy song ‘John Tucker’. Making references to 2000’s romantic comedy ‘John Tucker Must Die’, Maisto’s emotionally fitting song is the new revenge anthem. With a catchy chorus and a y2k aesthetic, the song embodies the character that is John Tucker; who in the famous 2000’s hit movie is a player that cheats on various different women that come together to plot revenge. With the help of CMA nominated producer Cleve Wilson, Maisto showcases a different non-country music side of Nashville that lacks recognition. The cinematic lyric video brings the song to life as Maisto takes the stage in her own vibrant bubblegum pink paradise. Shot by Evan Mattingly and edited by Claire Maisto herself, the video transcends a bad-bitch energy encompassed with a y2k aesthetic, making it a storytelling sensation. Big things are ahead for Claire Maisto, and we can’t wait to see her genuine talent blossom!

Written by Martha Gonzalez // The Honey