Just a few days ago, Coach Tev released the visuals for ‘Party With Friends’, and we got the opportunity to sit down and talk about the magic behind the music. This song was written during a time where quarantine was at its peak, and spending time with friends, let alone partying, wasn’t in anyone’s plans. Even so, Coach Tev was able to create a bop catchy enough to remind us what it felt like to experience a live function with friends. In this interview, Coach Tev gives us some insight on how the vision came about, as well as the story behind TrapMama’s feature. 

THE HONEY: What was the inspiration behind this song?

COACH TEV: J08s sent me the beat, and since I have my own mic and if I’m really feeling the song, I like to lay down some freestyle references to come back to, so I did that. I had the “I wanna party with friends” and I was like thats a very catchy saying to say, its something that somebody could easily remember and it flowed so naturally. 

And this is in mid-pandemic too so it’s kinda ironic because you can’t really party with friends but everybody’s having this desire to wanna party with friends and want to just party in general and hang out with their people like they’re used to doing. And anyone who knows me and my music, I’m not really like the party type, but just the feel of this production kinda gave me that feeling. So, I decided to continue that theme throughout it. 

Then, how I got TrapMama involved, she just tweeted me on Twitter like “Yo, I wanna do a song with Coach Tev.” At the time we didn’t really know each other like that, I’d seen her perform and I really liked her performance, and I was drawn to it, so I was like yo, this the song I want to get her on. So, shoutout to her.

THE HONEY:What is your favorite lyric of the song? Break down for us

COACH TEV: One of my favorite lines…I said, “ya I might flirt to see what it’s worth, I like em ratchet, but boujee at first”. And it was kinda true to me, cause I don’t think I’m the flirtiest dude, but in my past I, you know… even if I don’t pursue it, sometimes I would just like the chase idea. So I like to flirt to see what it’s worth, ya know? And then, my type… I don’t like that outright super loud, in your face… I like a kinda boujie-ness to you, like knowing your worth…but then I do like you having that feistiness to you. So I felt like that was my most authentic line and I just like how it flowed.

THE HONEY: Anything else you want to share? What should we be on the lookout for?

COACH TEV: ‘No Worries This is Fine’ is out, which almost feels like an afterthought to say because that was in December and I’ve already released ‘Shutup And Rap’ with Pat Ron in April, and I got another album coming out with Blake Chris and J08s. The name of that album is Black Ice and we’re looking to release it in early July, so that’s what’s next.