REFINERY aka Zane Loose is a Fort-Worth based artist with an undoubtably unique sound and point of view. In his song “Cinderella,” we get a peek into his love life where he explains that he can’t give the fairytale happy ending to the girl he has deemed Cinderella.


One of his lines, “pack your feelings in a UPS box,” he explains to us has different meanings, “We were talking long distance so it meant ship your feelings to me, and then there’s also this cheeky element of saying pack them away because you’re somewhere else, so what’s the use?”


The first time we heard this song was late at night in Zane’s Fort-Worth apartment where three of us gathered around his guitar and notebook with his freshly written lyrics. “Want to hear a song I just wrote? It’s really sad,” Zane exclaimed with a smile, per usual.


When he performed “Cinderella,” we were so emotionally gutted with the combination of sad lyrics and angelic vocal range that we sat on the floor staring at each other in silence as Zane laughed at our shock. We needed an exemplary moment of silence to gather all our thoughts including the one, “where the hell did that come from?” We would imagine Cinderella needed a moment too.


Immediately, we knew this needed to be the very first session for SOUNDCHECK as the idea had been just that and we had finally heard a song that felt just as special.

This song is all heart. It’s a true story, about a real girl about a real relationship. It’s something we can all relate to and truly feel. See for yourself.


Watch our SOUNDCHECK session with REFINERY below:


SOUNDCHECK by The Honey, Featuring: Cinderella by REFINERY.