Today, we’re highlighting an up-and-coming artist from Arlington, Barlow, and her latest single “Alotta Things”, a song about the hardship of allowing our hearts to love without doubting our instincts.

“Alotta Things” was birthed out of a writing session between Barlow, her producer Gomey and some friends. It’s a project that spontaneously found its wings amongst a freestyle beat and the unrelenting fear of what comes with the depths of being in love. Often times we find ourselves comparing and contrasting our connections based on the relationships we see around us. We convince ourselves that because it doesn’t mirror what is commonly deemed as healthy, we must be doing this love thing wrong. “We don’t have to give into what other people say we can have fun and get to know each other on our own terms,”  Barlow says. 

A pertinent verse in this song that spoke volumes to the vision Barlow is portraying about love states “Heat don’t have to turn up in the summer, baby, we can turn up right now/and we don’t have to chill out in the winter, baby, we can chill out right now.” She compares seasons to how people tend to be inconsistently hot and cold when it comes to committing to the process of allowing love to run its course. Barlow shares how this verse is about “not waiting on our fear to do what we desire.” Barlow’s hope for her listeners is for this song to carelessly follow their hearts. 

We look forward to hearing more music in the future!

Listen to “Alotta Things” here

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