DFW-based artist ARTBOYP released his debut single “WILD.” Formerly known under the artist name Prestonn, ARTBOYP will now be releasing under his new identity.

WHY IS “WILD” HIS DEBUT RELEASE?  “It’s his best song yet,” Manager Brooks Wallace said. ARTBOYP told us “WILD” is inspired by a couple artists including Lil Durk and Rod Wave, “I just wanted to speak on this track,” he said.


FAVORITE LYRIC: “I’mma take it like I stole it… Don’t smoke ganja but my rappin’ super potent.”


WHY: “I’m just stating I’m here to mess up the game and although I’m not your average rapper who be smoking tree and gettin’ high, my lyrics got that flame.”


Check out “WILD” on Spotify and Apple Music.