Zayland is about to take over the world, and it all begins with the debut of his highly anticipated music video for his single “333.” Directed by Zayland himself, he takes us on an intimate glimpse of a complicated love affair. With gloomy visuals and hazy melodies, the soulful track aligns itself with the retro edginess of the music video. The elusive and passionate R&B track showcases steamy, elegantly static, and sultry visuals that make it so aesthetically appealing we wish it were longer than a minute and forty-eight seconds. “333” is Zaylands first single in almost a year, and with the artistic and stylistic direction that “333” showcased; we simply cannot wait to see more from Zayland. Zayland, we’re coming with you to watch you take over the world!

Written by Martha Gonzalez // The Honey