The Dallas Divina, Jacks Haupt, debuted her latest music video for the highly admired single “3 AM.” The music video speaks for itself; its retro-glow and mystical aura leave viewers hypnotized with its vintage aesthetic. With picturesque shots of downtown Los Angeles at night, the video portrays a love that takes place during the obscurity of the night, specifically 3 AM. Its obscurity is what leads to the development of a supernatural vampire horror romance that reflects on the possibilities of a nighttime fling. One fan even commented, “If you listen to this at 3 AM, it hits different.” Haupt’s celestial presence and soft vocals have captivated fans as she skyrockets the industry. Jacks Haupt is set to perform on May 22nd in The Silo in Deep Ellum and is headlining the Carne Asada music festival this July. She is definitely someone to keep an eye on, we’re so excited to see her keep thriving!

Written by Martha Gonzalez // The Honey